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Jam Event Group, Inc.’s Impact

At Jam Event Group, Inc. we aim to provide high quality and dynamic sales and marketing solutions for clients in a wide range of industries. We out-perform traditional methods of advertising and sales and look to connect with consumers who are seeking exceptional products that will make their lives easier.

Our Mission

Our mission at Jam Event Group, Inc. is all about becoming an indomitable force in the consumer marketplace. We aim to expand the reach of all of our clients and assist them in putting their products in the hands of as many new customers as possible. We do this through direct promotion and strategic territory planning, thanks to our expertise and our network of retail partners as well as our dedicated and enthusiastic team.

What Jam Event Group, Inc. Can Do for You

At Jam Event Group, Inc., we have an incredibly diverse client portfolio, and that has helped us develop the very best in-store and on-site promotional campaigns.

Jam Event Group, Inc.’s Client Impact

We offer a direct promotional strategy that time and time again proves to be the best way to engage with customers and create brand awareness.

Jam Event Group, Inc.’s Customer Impact

Customers benefit from Jam Event Group, Inc.’s campaigns through offers of introductory prices that would otherwise not be available from the likes of an ecommerce or traditional retail business model.

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